Sage CRM v7.1 SP2 Feature Overview

Some really nice improvements in Sage CRM SP2:

With Sage CRM v7.1 Service Pack 2 (SP2) fully tested and ready to go, we’re proud to announce that the theme of this release is Cross Browser Compatibility. We have been aware for some time that Cross Browser compatibility is a major customer requirement. This is even reflected on our ideas hub – you’ll see it’s one of the top requested features. In an effort to deliver Cross Browser Compatibility to you as soon as possible, we have included it in the upcoming service pack rather than asking you to wait until our end of year release.

Cross Browser Compatibility – what are the end user browser options in SP2?

As most of you are aware, previous versions of Sage CRM were optimised for Internet Explorer. The options listed below will be available to end users in SP2. Cross browser compatibility is focused on the end user experience, i.e. the Main Menu area. The user experience and functionality throughout the Main Menu is consistent across Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer (IE).

End User Supported Browsers in Sage CRM v7.1 SP2
IE – versions 7, 8 and 9 (as per Sage CRM v7.1 SP1)
Safari – latest version Safari browser on OSX (Apple MAC). Note that the Tablet theme is recommended for use with iPad – IOS is not in scope)
Chrome – latest version
Firefox – latest version

Mail Merge and Document Filing

The Mail Merge and Document Filing features required special attention when it came to making them work across different browsers. Both features depended on an Active X plugin, which meant that the features only worked on IE and that end users needed to install the plugins themselves. Focusing on these features meant that we could make them work effectively across different browsers and also enhance their feature sets.

New Mail Merge Feature

Mail Merge has been overhauled. It is now a server side feature. Because of this, Microsoft Word does not need to be installed on the client machine and it does not require the Active X plugin (or any other plugin for that matter). Regardless of whether you’re working in IE, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, you can create HTML templates from within the Sage CRM user interface. Of course, you can continue using existing Microsoft Word templates to merge your CRM data if you wish. And you can create new merge templates in Word, upload them and merge them too. You’ll find some great new HTML templates out of the box – including an example of how much easier it is to merge Quotes & Orders Line Items.

Mail Merge for Custom Entities 

Mail Merge for Custom Entities is one of the top requested features on our Ideas Hub. The good news is that it is now possible to merge data from any entity (including custom entities) that has a Documents tab.

Document Filing

You can now file your documents in Sage CRM from an IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome browser. The dependency on Document Drop ActiveX control has been removed (although you can switch it back on for IE if you wish to file emails or drag-and-drop files). In addition to making the feature work across other browsers, we have addressed the top Enhancement Requests in the area, like the ability to add multiple documents in one shot (possible in Chrome and Firefox using the new Add File button or by dragging and dropping); a new quick View Attachment drill down directly from a grid; the ability to add files to Tasks; the ability to exclude specific document extensions; and the ability to limit files by size.

Library Management

This feature was designed with Sage CRM Cloud Administrators in mind, but it is also useful for administrators working in On-premise environments. In the Cloud environment, administrators do not have access to the file system so cannot manage their file storage allocations. Even in On-premise environments, Administrators may not have access to the file server. The new Library Management Option gives you an overview of your storage limit and the space currently being used by library items (documents, templates, and the global library) and the Sage CRM database. You can select files from the Library Items list, and use the Delete button to help free up more space in the Library.

Sage CRM v7.1 SP2 will be released in the coming days, so keep an eye on the Sage CRM Community for more detailed overviews of the features.

Sourced from The Sage CRM Blog. Originally posted by Clare Cummins.

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