Sage 300 ERP and Windows 8

Ran into a funny issue with running Sage 300 ERP from a network location. I was completely unable to pin the program shortcut to my taskbar. This was regardless of whether I right clicked the app in the Start Page, right clicked the .exe file in the runtime folder on the shared network folder, or on the shortcut I created on the desktop:

I couldn’t even drag the .exe or shortcut to the taskbar:

This is apparently “by design”. Indeed, there are even certain executable files as well as shortcuts that contain certain strings (for example,  “Help”, “Documentation”, “Install”) that are excluded from pinning!

The workaround is to enable the Quick Launch toolbar. Anyone remember that legacy toolbar? Talk about going back to the future, or is that bringing the past back into the future? Who knows! Frankly, between this and the UI that harkens back to Windows 1 days, who knows what’s going on up at Redmond anyway!

The one upshot to this though was that I was now able to launch two instances of Sage 300 ERP which is what started me down this path in the first place. For the sake of completeness: the original issue I had was that every time I launched another instance from the Start Page, it would not open a new instance but would simply bring the already open window to the forefront.

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