ACCPAC Plus in full screen mode

Yup, this is for all of you still relying on good old faithul ACCPAC Plus for DOS. You might have noticed that when your hardware or OS was upgraded, and you reinstalled ACCPAC Plus, that suddenly it was running in a window and if you pressed alt-enter to make it full screen, it was all funky colours and only filled half the now full screen DOS box. Well, never fear. Although you seriously need to consider upgrading to Sage ERP Accpac, some of you have some quite sound reasons as to why you cannot or will not upgrade. This then, is for you:

1. Run ACCPAC Plus

Double-click the shortcut to start ACCPAC Plus.

2. Select the window’s colour properties page

Right-click on the window title bar to get the pop-up menu. Choose the Properties entry and then the Colors tab. Note the line of 16 colours in the middle of the dialog box. You are going to change these. Continue reading



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